Our Relationship With all of Life

“Whoever hates is a murderer. You may not have prepared any poison or committed a crime. You have only hated, and in doing so, you have killed yourself first of all.”
Augustine (354-430)

1. What is Murder?

Deuteronomy 5:17

• How would you describe the difference between murder and killing? What biblical examples help illustrate the differences?
• What does Jesus teach concerning the issue of self-defense? How can we defend ourselves and love our enemies at the same time?

2. What Motivation is Behind Murder?

Matthew 5:21-22

• Why does Christ place emphasis on our motives?
• How has the gospel changed the motives behind your actions?
• When have you used words in an angry way? What were the effects?

3. What is the Solution to a Hateful Heart?

I John 3: 10-15

• How should our motivation contrast that of the world?
• How can we love others when we are tempted to become angry?
• What is the church’s responsibility in a community to address the issue of murder?
• How might we communicate the love of Christ to those guilty of murder?

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