LDS Transitions

Migrating away from the LDS Church?

You are not alone. Thousands of Latter-day Saints leave the Mormon Church each year. When they do they undergo experiences and challenges much like an immigrant moving from one country to another. This transition produces emotional stresses, identity struggles, relationship difficulties, as well as doctrinal questions.

Transitions was created to help those who are still interested in Jesus but leaving Mormonism, connect with the Savior in a new way. It is a network of support that includes a weekly gathering, a connection with others making the journey, and a video and workbook guide.

​Section I: Migration – Identity, Relationships & Church Culture

1. Identity – Finding new individual and collective identity
2. Relationships – Friends, loved ones, marriage, and children issues
3. Church Culture – Sorting out new church culture

​Section II: Doctrine and Worldview Issues

4. Where did I come from? – God’s Grand Story
5. Why am I here? – The mission of the community of God
6. Where am I going? –  Life in the new heavens and new earth

What others have said about LDS Transitions:

“I am impressed with the approach used in Transitions. These materials address the psychological, social, and theological issues and challenges. This was extremely helpful for me.”


“Transitions is a tool that we wish we would have had in our journey of coming out of Mormonism. The words that were spoken put validation to the feelings and sense of searching for something better. …we love the message that is given of grace.”

Dave & Tonja

“I offer my thanks for your efforts in making this tool. It really has helped me in so many ways. I’m so grateful that God provided me a way to leave the LDS Church without any bitterness and simultaneously deepen my relationship with Him.”


“I loved watching this video. Like one of the men said in the video, it takes a lot of courage to break through that fear, and risk losing your friends and family. Wonderful video.”


“Our Transitions class has been a warm and loving place in which to air and sort out issues. We seem to have someone new every week or two. What a wonderful blessing it has given us!”


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