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Story Cards

  1. Take 10-15 minutes for refreshments and fellowship.
  2. Read the guidelines.
  3. Sing 1-3 worship songs together.
  4. Pray for your gathering.
  5. Read the passage out loud or tell from memory. Sometimes it is helpful to have people listen rather than reading along.
  6. Ask the questions below and give each person a chance to respond to every question. Allow about 1 minute or so per person for each question. If you have more than 10 people, break into two groups.
  7. Take prayer requests.
  8. Pray for the group.
  9. Finish on time but allow others to stay and visit afterwards if needed.


We will all do our part to create an environment where everyone can be real, open & honest with their struggles and victories. It’s okay to share about your personal faith journey, but please refrain from making derogatory statements against other religions. 


What is said in the group stays in the group.


Let’s value one another during our discussions by really listening to what is being shared. Try to avoid thinking about how you’re going to respond or what you’re going to say next.


Allow a pause in conversation after someone shares to give the person sharing the chance to finish and the group the opportunity to consider what was just shared before responding.


It is important to allow silence in the group as it provides an opportunity for someone to share and for members in the group to process the topic or question being considered.


Be considerate of others as they are sharing. No side conversations.


We are not here to fix each other, Jesus does that part. Give encouragement, speak truth, and point to Jesus, but don’t try to solve or fix each other.


When people are sharing something deeply personal there can be a tendency to try and make them feel better about themselves or the situation by providing immediate condolences. This will often cause them to stop sharing. Resist the temptation to rescue people.


Be sensitive about the amount of time you share.


Be self-aware of how you are personally affecting the environment through your words, actions and non-verbal communication.


It’s easiest to talk about the issues of others, but we want to share with each other. Try to use“I” statements rather than “them”, “they”, “we”, “us”, “the church”, etc.


When conflict or sin issues between group members arise, we want to make sure that we are honoring God and each other in the way we deal with these issues. The following are a few key Scripture references regarding conflict resolution (there are many others).

  • Someone has sinned against you (Matthew 18:15-20)
  • Restoring someone who is in sin (Galatians 6:1-5)
  • Forgiving a sinner (Colossians 3:12-13)
  • Reconciling differences (Matthew 5:23-24; Matthew 7:1-5)


  1. Mark 2:1-17 
  2. John 3:1-17
  3. Mark 5:1-20
  4. Luke 7:37-50
  5. Luke 15:11-32
  6. Luke 17:11-19
  7. Luke 18:9-14
  8. Luke 19:1-10
  9. John 4
  10. Mark 4:1-20


  1. God Creates- Genesis 1:1-25 
  2. God Creates Man and Woman- Genesis 2:4-24 
  3. Man and Woman Eat the Fruit- Genesis 3:1-13 
  4. God’s Curses- Genesis 3:14-24 
  5. God Regrets His Creation- Genesis 6:5-8
  6. God Saves Noah and His Family- Genesis 6:9-8:14 
  7. God’s Covenant with Noah- Genesis 8:15-9:17 
  8. God’s Covenant with Abram- Genesis 12:1-8, 15:1-6, 17:1-7 
  9. Abraham Gives His Son as an Offering- Genesis 22:1-19 
  10. God Spares His People- Exodus 12:1-28 
  11. The Commands of God- Exodus 20:1-21 
  12. The Sin Offering- Leviticus 4:1-35 
  13. God’s Righteous Servant- Isaiah 53 
  14. Jesus is Born- Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-20 
  15. Jesus is Baptized- Matthew 3; John 1:29-34 
  16. Jesus is Tested- Matthew 4:1-11 
  17. Jesus and the Religious Leader- John 3:1-21 
  18. Jesus and the Samaritan Woman- John 4:1-26, 39-42 
  19. Jesus and the Paralyzed Man- Luke 5:17-26 
  20. Jesus Calms the Storm- Mark 4:35-41
  21. Jesus and the Man with Evil Spirits- Mark 5:1-20 
  22. Jesus Raises a Man from the Dead- John 11:1-44 
  23. Jesus Talks about His Betrayal and the Covenant- Matthew 26:17-30 
  24. Jesus is Betrayed and Faces Trial- John 18:1-19:16 
  25. Jesus is Crucified- Luke 23:32-56 
  26. Jesus is Resurrected- Luke 24:1-35 
  27. Jesus Appears to the Disciples and Ascends to Heaven- Luke 24:36-53 
  28. Enter into the Kingdom God- John 3:1-21


  1. Hope: Isaiah 9:2, 6-7; Matthew 3:11-17; I Corinthians 15:54-58
  2. Peace: Micah 5:4-5a; Luke 2:13-14; Ephesians 2:13-16; Colossians 3:15
  3. Joy: Psalm 146:5-10, Isaiah 35:1-10, Luke 2:8-12,
  4. Love: Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:18-23; John 3:16-17; Romans 5:1-11


  1. Matthew 27:11-28:10
  2. Mark 15:1-16:8
  3. Luke 22:66-24:12
  4. John 18:28-20:23

 Responding in Faith by Rejecting Dead Religion 

  1. Disciples respond to Jesus’ commands- John 14:15-24
  2. Warning not to imitate bad religious leaders- Matthew 23:1-12 
  3. Warning to religious people who keep other people from God- Matthew 23:13-15
  4. Warning to religious people who promote double standards- Matthew 23:16-22  
  5. Warning to religious leaders who focus on minor issues-  Matthew 23:23-24
  6. Warning to religious leaders who pretend to be holy- Matthew 23:25-28 
  7. Warning to religious leaders who persecute men of God-  Matthew 23:29-39  

Responding in Faith by Becoming a Disciple 

  1. Disciples use scripture to overcome temptation- Luke 4:1-13  
  2. Disciples leave everything to follow Jesus- Luke 5:1-11  
  3. Disciples introduce others to Jesus- John 4:28-30  
  4. Disciples are wise and sincere when they relate to unbelievers- Acts 17:16-34 
  5. Disciples will be persecuted just as Jesus was persecuted- Acts 4:23-31 
  6. Disciples shouldn’t be afraid to die as Jesus did- Acts 21:1-14 
  7. God helps disciples endure persecution- Acts 18:1-11 
  8. Disciples reconcile broken relationships-  Luke 15:11-32 
  9. Evil begins in the heart and eventually leads to action-  Mark 7:14-23 
  10. Marriage is a lifetime commitment-  Mark 10:1-12
  11. Disciples keep their word- Matthew 5:33-37 
  12. Disciples love their enemies- Matthew 5:43-48  
  13. Disciples humble themselves before God-  Luke 18:9-14  
  14. Disciples look to God as their father- Luke 15:11-24  
  15. Disciples must surrender their will to God’s will- Matthew 26:39-42  
  16. Disciples forgive others as the Lord forgives them- Matthew 18:21-35 


  1. Matthew 19:16-30
  2. Luke 7:1-10
  3. Luke 10:25-37
  4. Luke 12:13-14
  5. John 3:1-17
  6. John 20:19-31


  1. Romans 8:31-37 Jesus, the intercessor, and His character
  2. John 17 Jesus’ high priestly prayer
  3. Matthew 6:5-18- the Lord’s Prayer, fasting
  4. Isaiah 58- true and false fasting 
  5. Luke 18:9-14-the Pharisee and the Tax Collector
  6. Matthew 7:7-11- Ask and it will be given to you 
  7. Joel 2:12-14 and Psalm 51:1-17; A call to fasting for repentance, David’s prayer of repentance after being confronted by Nathan
  8. Matthew 9:37-38- Pray for Laborers 
  9. Acts 13:1-3, and Acts 14:23- before making an important decision
  10. Esther 4:12-17,  Nehemiah 1:11; favor/wisdom
  11. 2 Chronicles 6:12-7:3; Solomon’s prayer of Dedication of the Temple 
  12. 2 Chronicles 20:1-30; Jehosophat leads Judah in corporate prayer, pleading for protection from enemies, and the Lord delivers Judah
  13. Luke 6:27-31- Pray for your enemies 
  14. Ezra 8:21-23 Ezra declares a fast, asking for safety,  
  15. Mark 9:14-29-Spiritual warfare fought with prayer 
  16. Mark 11:20-25- Lessons from the fig tree
  17. Luke 11:5-13- Pray persistently 


  1. Disciples Love God and Love People- Matthew 22:34-40 
  2. Disciples Make Disciples of All Nations- Matthew 28:16-20 
  3. Disciples Count the Cost of Discipleship- Luke 14:25-35 
  4. Disciples Seek the Lost- Luke 15
  5. Disciples Invest for Eternity- Luke 16:1-9 
  6. Disciples are Christ’s Ambassadors- 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 
  7. Disciples Share Their Story- John 4:4-26, 39-42 
  8. Disciples of Jesus Believe and are Baptized- Acts 8:9-13 
  9. Disciples Remember Jesus in Communion- Luke 22:14-23 
  10. Disciples Understand they are a Part of Christ’s Body- 1 Corinthians 12:12-30
  11. Disciples Practice Community- Hebrews 10:23-25 
  12. Disciples Understand the Role of the Father- Psalm 139:1-8 
  13. Disciples Understand the Role of the Holy Spirit- 1 Corinthians 2:10-16 
  14. Disciples Understand the Role of the Son- Colossians 1:15-20 
  15. Disciples Pray Based on Their Relationship with God- John 17 
  16. Disciples Live in Light of Their Position in Christ- Ephesians 1:3-14 
  17. Disciples Are Secure in Their Relationship with Christ- John 10:25-30 
  18. Disciples Accept Discipline from God- Hebrews 12:5-11 
  19. Disciples Love God and Love Others- Mark 12:28-34 
  20. Disciples Keep Unity in Christ- Ephesians 4:1-6 
  21. Disciples Keep Unity in Christ- 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 
  22. Disciples Delight in God’s Word Which Brings Wisdom for Living- Psalm 1


  1. Faith and endurance- James 1:1-8 
  2. Temptation- James 1:9-18 
  3. Listening and doing- James 1:19-27 
  4. Warning against prejudice- James 2:1-13 
  5. Faith without good deeds is dead- James 2:14-26
  6. Controlling the tongue- James 3:1-12 
  7. True wisdom- James 3:13-18 
  8. Drawing close to God- James 4:1-10 
  9. Don’t judge and warning about self-confidence- James 4:11-17 
  10. Warning to the rich- James 5:1-6 
  11. Patience and endurance- James 5:7-12 
  12. The power of prayer- James 5:13-20


 Passages about Living as a Disciple of Jesus 

  1.   Disciples of Jesus Leave Everything- Luke 5:1-11 
  2.   Disciples Demonstrate Their Love by Obeying- John 14:15-31 
  3.   Disciples Have the Same Perspective as Jesus- Philippians 2:1-13
  4.   Disciples Overcome Temptation Using God’s Word- Luke 4:1-13
  5.   Disciples Introduce Others to Jesus- John 1:35-51 
  6.   Disciples Will Experience Persecution- Acts 4:23-31 
  7.   Disciples Apply Jesus’ Model of Prayer & Fasting- Matthew 6:5-18 
  8.   Disciples Show Love for Enemies- Matthew 5:38-48 
  9.   Disciples Don’t Fear Circumstances- Luke 8:22-25
  10. Disciples Don’t Worry about tomorrow- Matthew 6:25-34 
  11. Disciples Forgive and Seek to Restore Broken Relationships- Matthew 18:15-35 
  12. Following Jesus in Marriage, Part 1- 1 Corinthians 7:1-17, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 
  13. Following Jesus in Marriage, Part 2- Matthew 19:1-12, Ephesians 5:21-33 
  14. Disciples Keep Their Word- Matthew 5:33-37 
  15. Disciples Behave Differently as They Mature in Christ- Ephesians 4:15-31


  1. The sower- Luke 8:4-15; Matthew 13:1-5; Mark 4:1-20 
  2. The weeds- Matthew 13:24-40; continued Matthew 13:36-43 
  3. The mustard seed- Matthew 13:31-32; Mark 4:30-34; Luke 13:18-19 
  4. The yeast- Matthew 13:33; Luke 13:20-21 
  5. The hidden treasure- Matthew 13:44 
  6. The pearl- Matthew 13:45-46
  7. The net- Matthew 13:47-50 
  8. The lost sheep- Luke 15:3-7; Matthew 18:10-14 
  9. The unmerciful servant- Matthew 18:23-35 
  10. The workers in the vineyard- Matthew 20:1-16 
  11. The two sons- Matthew 21:28-32 
  12. The tenants- Matthew 21:33-46; Mark 12:1-12; Luke 20:9-18 
  13. The wedding banquet- Matthew 22:1-14 
  14. The ten virgins- Matthew 25:1-13 
  15. The talents-Matthew 25:14-30 
  16. New garment, new wineskins- Matthew 9:16-17 
  17. The wise and foolish builders- Luke 6:46-49 
  18. The good Samaritan- Luke 10:25-37 
  19. The rich fool- Luke 12:13-21 
  20. The watchful servant- Luke 12:35-48 
  21. The great banquet- Luke 14:15-24 
  22. The tower- Luke 14:28-30 
  23. The king that goes to war- Luke 14:31-33 
  24. The lost coin- Luke 15:8-10 The lost son- Luke 15:11-32 
  25. The shrewd manager- Luke 16:1-15 
  26. The rich man and Lazarus- Luke 16:19-31 
  27. The persistent widow- Luke 18:1-8 
  28. The Pharisee and the tax collector- Luke 18:9-14 
  29. The ten minas- Luke 19:11-26


Note to the storyteller: please tell the story based on the narrative verses before you recite the prayer. You may want to weave the prayer into the narrative

  1. A prayer of Abraham- Genesis 15:1-19 
  2. A prayer of Abraham’s servant- Genesis 24:1-27 
  3. A prayer of Jacob- Genesis 32:9-21 
  4. A prayer of Moses- Exodus 4:10-17 
  5. A prayer of Samson- Judges 16 
  6. A prayer of Hannah- 1 Samuel 1:1-28 & 2:1-10 
  7. A prayer of David- 2 Samuel 7:18-29 
  8. A prayer of Solomon- 1 Kings 3:1-15 
  9. A prayer of Elijah- 1 Kings 18:16-46 
  10. A prayer of Jehoshaphat- 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 
  11. A prayer of Hezekiah- 2 Kings 18 and 19 or Isaiah 37:14-20
  12. A prayer of Job- Job 42 
  13. A prayer of Ezra- Ezra 9:4-19 
  14. A prayer of Nehemiah- Nehemiah 1:1-11 
  15. A prayer of Jeremiah- Jeremiah 32:17-25 
  16. A prayer of Daniel- Daniel 2:17-23 
  17. A prayer of Jonah- Jonah 1:1-2:10 
  18. A prayer of Simeon- Luke 2:21-35 
  19. A prayer of Jesus (The Lord’s Prayer)- Matthew 6:5-15
  20. A prayer of Jesus on the Mount of Olives- Luke 22:39-46 
  21. A prayer of Jesus for the believers- John 17:20-26 
  22. A prayer of the early believers- Acts 4:23-31 
  23. A prayer of Stephen- Acts 7:54-60 
  24. A prayer of Paul for the Ephesians- Ephesians 1:15-23 & 3:14-21 (see also Ephesians 1:1- 2 & 6:21-23. Paul probably wrote these and prison in Rome) 
  25. A prayer of Paul for the Philippians- Philippians 1:9-11 (see also Philippians 1:1-2)
  1. What do you discover about God/Jesus through this story/text?
  2. What do you discover about mankind through this story/text?
  3. What is God teaching you personally through this story/text?
  4. How can you obey God based on what He’s teaching you through this story?
  5. Who can you share this story with?

Holy Is The Lord


We stand and lift up our hands
For the joy of the Lord is our strength
We bow down and worship Him now
How great how awesome is He


And together we sing
Ev’ryone sing


Holy is the Lord God Almighty
The earth is filled with His glory
Holy is the Lord God Almighty
The earth is filled with His glory
The earth is filled with His glory


It is rising up all around
It’s the anthem of the Lord’s renown
It’s rising up all around
It’s the anthem of the Lord’s renown

CCLI Song # 4158039

Chris Tomlin | Louie Giglio

  • © 2003 sixsteps Music (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)
  • Vamos Publishing (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)
  • songs (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)

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CCLI License # 21197106


Verse 1

Give thanks to the Lord
Our God and King
His love endures forever
For He is good He is above all things
His love endures forever
Sing praise sing praise

Verse 2

With a mighty hand
And an outstretched arm
His love endures forever
For the life that’s been reborn
His love endures forever
Sing praise sing praise


Sing praise sing praise


Forever God is faithful
Forever God is strong
Forever God is with us
Forever forever

Verse 3

From the rising to the setting sun
His love endures forever
And by the grace of God
We will carry on
His love endures forever
Sing praise sing praise

CCLI Song # 3148428

Chris Tomlin

  • © 2001 Rising Springs Music (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)
  • Vamos Publishing (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)
  • songs (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)

For use solely with the SongSelect® Terms of Use. All rights reserved.

CCLI License # 21197106