The Book of James

The book of James is filled with practical wisdom for Christians, calling us to live out genuine faith through good works. Scripture makes it clear that salvation doesn’t come through good works but that true faith produces good works. Our sanctification is slow, but we continue to push ahead, day by day. We’ll always fall short of perfection, but that’s okay because righteousness and perfection have been given to us in Jesus Christ.

Sermon Series Schedule

Brother / Servant

April 30
James 1:1

The book of James is filled with practical wisdom for Christians, calling us to live out genuine faith through good works. But who was James?

Trials / Temptations

May 7
James 1:2-18

As believers, we will face trials and temptations in this world, and these hardships test our faith and dependence on God. But enduring adversity is ultimately for our joy.

Hearer / Doer

May 14
James 1:19-27

True belief causes Christians to live out their faith according to the Word. We don’t just passively hear the Word and receive it, rather action should always follow genuine heart change.

Judgment / Mercy

May 21
James 2:1-13

We sin when we show partiality to some over others, whether they are rich or poor or different in any other way. Believers should extend mercy rather than harsh judgment to others.

Faith / Works

May 28
James 2:14-26
Faith and works aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, James tells us that faith apart from works is dead. Works don’t save us, but good works should follow true faith.

Blessings / Curses

June 4
James 3:1-12
Our words can be either a blessing or a curse to those around us. Believers must learn to control their tongues and use their words for good, not evil.

False Wisdom / True Wisdom

June 11
James 3:13-18

In living out our lives, we can follow worldly wisdom that’s false or godly wisdom that’s true. We must examine every thought and deed by the Lord’s truth—the Word—and no other standard.

Worldliness / Godliness

June 18
James 4:1-17

Our passions and desires are at war within us, and we must fight against them. While pride, boasting and divisiveness mark worldly people, humility, obedience and repentance mark the godly.

Arrogance / Humility

June 25
James 4:13-17

Our view of the future has great influence on where we place our assurance. James urges us to humbly view all of our days as lived under the sovereign will of the Lord.

Oppressor / Laborer

July 2
James 5:1-6

James gives a warning to the rich who oppress and exploit the underprivileged. Riches will amount to nothing in the end, but the humble and righteous will prevail.

Suffering / Comfort

July 9
James 5:7-12

In times of suffering, believers are to endure with patience and steadfastness, keeping their eyes set on the Lord. He is compassionate and merciful to His children, in every circumstance.

Faithful / Faithless

July 16
James 5:13-18

The prayers of the faithful are mighty. In everything, believers should pray for one another—in sickness, in health, in suffering and joy.

Wanderer / Restorer

July 30
James 5:19-20

As Christians, we are indeed our brother’s or sister’s keeper. We must speak truth into others’ lives and guide them back to the truth when they wander.

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