Starting Point

Everything has a starting point. You had a starting point. Faith has a starting point as well.

For most of us, we began to believe something about God as children, then as we became adults it didn’t work anymore. A gap began to grow between what we were told as children and what we experience as adults. Sometimes adults need a new starting point- a new starting point for faith. What if we had never heard any of those stories? Where would we start? What if we hadn’t been taught anything about God or religion, where would we start? Starting of with faith as a child is very different than starting off with faith as an adult. Maybe we need hit the reset button and have a new starting point for faith.

Begins the week of March 5th

Come Sunday mornings at 10:30 (10:00 for refreshments) as we begin to explore what it might look like if our faith could have a new starting point and sign up to join a Starting Point discussion group!

Here is a brief description of a Starting Point group:

The groups are 8 weeks in duration.
Each session lasts for 75 minutes.
There are 2–4 leaders and 8–12 group members in total.
Groups meet on Wednesday and  Thursday mights in homes around the city.

Wednesday nights at 7:00 – Click here for directions.

Sign up today to join a Starting Point discussion group!